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Sisterhood of Esthetics

Mentorship Program:

As you have progressed in this industry, at PEMA we believe in mentoring other estheticians from all parts of the world. You have acquired invaluable knowledge, skills and insights that would benefit another "soon to be" professional or even someone who already is a qualified professional but needs some inspiration on how to navigate this path that you yourself are confidently walking on.

Above all, we speak the same language of health and Beauty! PEMA believes that a successful, sustainable mentoring program adds value for everyone involved. If interested, send us an email to and we will pair you with an esthetician who you can stay connected to and be each other's ladder holder towards your success.

"The best use of power is to give it away" - Sam Chand 

Red and White sisters.jpg

The Red & White Affair

RED symbolizes life, passion, health, energy, courage and love. WHITE symbolizes. Freshness, new beginnings and simplicity.


Join us every last Friday of the month for some heartfelt sisterhood connection around the globe.


For 90mins we get to celebrate every milestone big or small. Help lift each other's head up. It's all about lending an ear to your sister.



Together We Lead

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