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Colorful Books

Welcome to PEMA Book Club!

Here you will find a list of authors who inspire, educate and instruct. Enjoy! 

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The No Compromise Black Skin Care Guide: The Truth About Caring for Darker Skin
By C.R. Cooper 

Have you avoided treating black skin, or having your own skin treated due to a lack of skincare confidence for black skin? Would you like to overcome your apprehension to using skincare products? Are you wanting and ready to see real change in skin health equity?

Like you, I’ve been misguided when it came to my skin. Prior to entering the industry, I shunned the use of any professional skincare simply due to the well-meaning, but harmful traditions passed on to me by my family. When I went to the drug stores or beauty counters, I was always let down by the inappropriate products that were recommended for my skin type and skin colour. It is stories such as my own and many others why I entered the industry to effectively bring truth and awareness for change.

If you’ve struggled getting the right care or with caring for black skin, you’re not alone.

In this book you will discover:

  • Surprising truths about black/darker skin.

  • The #1 common misconception and myth surrounding darker skin, plus many more.

  • The illustrious history of the Beauty industry and darker skin.

Skin Care 

By Caroline Hirons 

Skincare is the go-to book for people of all ages and skin types who want to feel and look fantastic. It explains the facts, the myths and the best way to get good skin – on any budget. With everything from Caroline’s signature cheat sheets, simple tips and tricks to glow (inside and out!) understanding ingredients lists, and advice on how to choose the products that are right for you, this is the ultimate guide to healthier, brighter skin. 


Skin in the game 

By Jane Wurwand 


Uncover the unique qualities within YOU that will lead you to find your true purpose, a meaningful career, and show you how to live your biggest life.

I know I have a bigger purpose, but how can I find it? 

Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand in her book Skin in the Game shows you how to turn your unique traits and experiences —especially the ones you may think are your biggest setbacks, into the tools you need to make your dreams a reality. Sharing lessons learned, from starting a business on 14,000 dollars of self-funding to growing a multi-million-dollar international brand with a cult-like following, Jane takes you through her real-world experience so you can learn: How to look inward to find your true purpose and let it guide you to live your biggest life. 


Get Good with Money

By Tiffany Aliche


The Power

Of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

Revealing this practical ten-step process for the first time in its entirety, Get Good with Money introduces the powerful concept of building wealth through financial wholeness: a realistic, achievable, and energizing alternative to get-rich-quick and over-complicated money management systems. With helpful checklists, worksheets, a tool kit of resources, and advanced advice from experts who Tiffany herself relies on (her “Budgetnista Boosters”), Get Good with Money gets crystal clear on the short-term actions that lead to long-term goals.

Habits emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. The habit formation is a three-step loop. First, a cue to trigger your brain. Then there is the routine, which can be an action or an emotion. Finally, a reward that helps your brain to figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the future. You can’t extinguish a bad habit. To break your bad habits, identify the cues and rewards, then, you can change the routine. Keystone habits are habits that enable small wins that lead to more good habits with more wins. The Power of Habit

Divine intuition

By Lynn A. Robinson

Divine Intuition is a powerful, practical guide to using intuition during stressful life transitions.Intuition has become widely recognized as a sixth sense that we all have. But just how do we routinely access this remarkable inner guide—especially in times of crisis? And how do we use it not only to survive but actually to thrive?


The Wisdom of Sundays

By Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author (Return to Love, Healing the Soul of America), a world-renowned teacher, and one of the most important inspirational thinkers of our time. In The Law of Divine Compensation, she reveals the spiritual principles that help us overcome financial stress and unleash the divine power of abundance. A guru to anyone interested in spirituality, Williamson's words ring with power and truth as she assures us that, with faith in God's promise of prosperity for all, we need never fear the future.


Dare to lead

By Brenè Brown

When we Dare to Lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions. We don’t see power as finite and hoard it; we know that power becomes infinite when we share it with others. We don’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; we lean into vulnerability when it’s necessary to do good work. But daring leadership in a culture defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty requires skill-building around traits that are deeply and uniquely human. The irony is that we’re choosing not to invest in developing the hearts and minds of leaders at the exact same time as we’re scrambling to figure out what we have to offer that machines and AI can’t do better and faster. What can we do better? Empathy, connection, and courage, to start.


The Healing Power of Essential Oils

By Eric Zielinski, D.C.

Aromatic plants and their extracted oils have been used medicinally and in religious traditions for thousands of years; they represent nature in its most concentrated form. Through modern distillation processes, essential oils offer natural treatments for a host of health conditions, from anxiety and depression to hormonal imbalance, digestive distress, candida, sleep disorders, and even autoimmune disease. The Healing Power of Essential Oils includes DIY recipes and formulations for all of these health needs and more—all backed by extensive scientific research and the trusted guidance of public health researcher and aromatherapist Eric Zielinski, D.C. 

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