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The Mission of PEMA

Our mission is to create and support a
reputable hub for Canadian professional estheticians.

Together we lead

At PEMA, "together we lead"  means we work together to maintain high standards of professionalism, share knowledge, stay within our scope of practice whilst creating a positive network of sisterhood in esthetics to become successful in our work.

Our Vision

PEMA strives to always have members that value high standards in hands on practices, infection control and communication skills. PEMA is personable and a great fit for every growing esthetician who is ready to succeed in the health and beauty world. PEMA is committed to provide a unique and progressive learning environment which will leave one with exceptional experience that is innovative, professional and career changing.


We discourage underground work done by unregistered/unlicensed estheticians. We work to build leadership, professionalism, respect that continues to impact our industry lead by professionals.

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