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The Birth of PEMA

This association was created to showcase how the esthetics industry is a well respected professional community that brings continuous education in a relaxed environment together with other like minded professionals in the spa and wellness industry. The vision for PEMA is to help raise the bar for all Canadian esthetics professionals especially in Ontario and other provinces, working alongside other passionate leaders in the Esthetics world. The future will bring forth conferences, awards, networking events both nationally and internationally. "Together we lead"

PEMA is an exceptional, educational hub for estheticians, spa owners and licensed Esthetics Schools formed in Canada.


We at PEMA believe in sharing information to our members that will lead them to great success. One of the most exciting aspect of PEMA is our team that comes with exceptional diverse expertise from different fields that play a significant role in the success of this ever evolving industry.

"Memories of our lives, of our works and our

deeds will continue in others"

- Rosa Parks

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